Website refresh

Submitted by jwoithe

Visitors to the site over the last year or so would have noticed Drupal error messages in various places of the site. These were caused by incompatibilities between our old Drupal version and the oldest php version accessible to us on our hosted server. Due to its age, updating the CMS was going to be an involved process, especially since none of the FFADO developers were deeply familiar with it or the numerous third party plugins in use. Last week Yonas Yanfa generously offered to upgrade and refresh the site for us, which we gratefully accepted.

FFADO 2.2.1 released

Submitted by jwoithe

We announce the availability of FFADO 2.2.1. This version fixes compilation failures when DEBUG=no is specified, which somehow evaded detection until after 2.2.0 was released.

This is a source-only release: libffado-2.2.1.tgz.

FFADO 2.2.0 released

Submitted by jwoithe

The FFADO project is pleased to announce the release of FFADO 2.2. While the focus of this version has been bug fixes and improvements to existing drivers, support for some additional devices has been added.

This is a source-only release: libffado-2.2.0.tgz.

FFADO is brought to you thanks to the work of Daniel Wagner, Pieter Palmers, Philippe Carriere, Adrian Knoth, Arnold Krille, Takashi Sakamoto, Jonathan Woithe and users who have tested FFADO against their devices, provided patches and given suggestions.

More RME news

Submitted by jwoithe

Thanks to RME, their Australian distributor and project donations, we now have a Fireface UFX. This will be used to extend the RME driver to support the newest generation of RME’s interfaces (the UFX and UCX). As always there’s no ETA but it’s hoped that basic streaming will be brought up fairly quickly. At this stage the UFX will be more easily supported because we don’t currently have a UCX. This may of course change in the future.

FFADO 2.1.0 released

Submitted by jwoithe

The FFADO project is pleased to announce the long-awaited release of version 2.1.0. With improved stability, many bugfixes and a large number of newly supported devices this version represents 2 years work by the small but dedicated FFADO team. All users of FFADO are encouraged to upgrade.

This is a source-only release: libffado-2.1.0.tgz.

RME Fireface-800 update

Submitted by jwoithe

Here’s a quick update on the Fireface-800. The short story is that it mostly works as of svn revision 2062. Ffado-mixer includes all device controls and the matrix mixer is complete. Audio streaming works to and from the device, although startup can still be a little rough (that’s next on my list to look at). It’s probably ready for an initial round of testing by others to confirm that success can be achieved on systems other than my own. Please use the ffado-devel mailing list to report bugs and provide feedback.

RME Fireface 400 mostly usable (I think)

Submitted by jwoithe

Implementation of the remaining mixer and device controls for the Fireface-400 is now complete, although some combinations of settings are yet to be tested (particularly those associated with clock sources). This means that the Fireface-400 is getting close to being usable with FFADO now (at least on my system). Wider testing of svn head is encouraged so we can identify any remaining rough edges and see how it performs on a variety of computers. Please use the ffado-devel mailing list to report bugs and other problems.

RME driver progress

Submitted by jwoithe

After far too many delays (both technical and logistical,for which I apologise), practical progress has finally been made on the FFADO RME driver.

In short, the driver is now ready for wider testing, although there are some important limitations and cautions to keep in mind before proceeding.