Saffire Pro 10 I/O

13 Sept 2012: One user has reported a strange issue with this interface when jack freewheeling mode is used. Refer to Trac ticket 359 for the full details. The issue may be unique to this user's specific interface or setup, but this is yet to be confirmed.

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I think this is the same device as a Pro 26 but without the ADAT. There is a very good chance that it will work fine.

Excellent!!! !

The Focusrite is an excellent unit. I've thoroughly tested it in Windows and with a few open source aps like Audacity with spectacular results. I'm looking forward to a FFADO release so that I can use this unit with Ardour under Ubuntu Studio.

Yep, I too can confirm full functionality of this device on Linux machines.
Running one of the previous Ubuntu Studios (I believe it was an 8.10), I could only get it to work under freebob. The results were not so good - quite a few xruns and annoying clicks'n'pops during play. But full firewire runs sweet under Ubuntu Studio 9.10; I would say I am 90% satisfied -- an occasional xrun still occurs but rarely, and the c'n'ps are totally gone.
As far as I have tested it, all the ports are functional and I'm pretty happy with it.

Hello everyone,

I can't get my unit work with Ubuntu Precise 12.04,kernel 3.2.0-33, and I'm stuck don't really know what to do.
According to this link :
I may think it's a new stack compatibility problem

Here is the output of :

ffado-test ListDevices
sudo jackd -dfirewire -dhw:0 -r96000 -p128 -n2 -P70 -v6

I don't know what's wrong. I can actually open ffado-mixer but when I want to set some parameters such as SampleRate.. I've got many errors.

In the past I used daily this card, with old stack and previous kernel version. Moreover the device work under Windows, so it's normally not a device problem

Here are a few random thoughts. The fundamental problem according to the jackd output you posted is a bunch of xruns.

First up, you mentioned that you have successfully used the Pro10 before. Do you happen to recall which distribution/version this was under?

Looking at the output you provided I notice that the kernel in use is "3.2.0-33-generic". For reliable xrun-free operation, a so-called "preempt" kernel is usually required. I think Ubuntu has the option of installing a preempt kernel in some way; if you can locate this it would be worthwhile doing this and then re-testing.

I also noticed that your firewire interface is sharing an interrupt with a bunch of other devices (multiple USB host controllers, and the yenta CardBus interface driver). There's not much you can do with the USB side of things, but for a test (and assuming you don't need the CardBus slot for anything) it might be worth trying to disable cardbus, remove the yenta kernel module and try again.

Your device is a pro10, and we've had one other pro10 user who has reported issues too. While their situation is quite different to yours, it may be worth glancing through the ticket (#359) to see if anything sticks out. The report in this ticket does tend to indicate that the basic operation of the interface works, so I suspect at this stage that your difficulties stem from something related to your particular setup; hence the suggestions to look at the kernel and the interrupt situation.

Finally, you mentioned being able to open ffado-mixer but that you get many errors when attempting to change any parameters. Could you post a sample of these errors?